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Roof Systems

Protect your boat from the elements with one of our high quality roof systems.

Our roofs can keep the sun's harmful rays from oxidizing your fibreglass and fading your boat top.

These systems come in a variety of colours and can fit most of our lift systems.

• All aluminum frame
• Polyester vinyl canopy
• 19oz double coated material
• Mildew resistant & rot resistant
• Ultraviolet (UV) light resistant
• Colours include black, white, green, burgundy, red, blue, yellow, grey
Boat canopy

Roof System Selection

Dimensions Naylor Product Match
7' x 16' Fits A14V
8'6" x 18' Fits A18
9' x 20' Fits A24, A20V, A26V
9'6" x 22' Fits A38V
9'9" x 22' Fits A30
10' x 24' Fits A50V
10'3" x 24' Fits A45
11' x 24', or 26', or 28' Fits A65V
Boat canopy side view
Please Note:
Do not leave the vinyl canopy on the frame during winter months or for long periods of time when the lift is not in use.