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Roller Ramps

Aluminum roller rampMade of aluminum, our Roller Ramp systems can accomodate boats and other watercraft up to 18 feet in length and 1,500 lbs.

Take advantage of these inexpensive systems to keep your lightweight watercraft out of the water.

Discover which of our convenient, low profile, low maintenance, easy-to-use roller ramps will best fit your requirements. Give us a call today!

Naylor Systems roller ramps come equipped with in-house milled steel arms and wobble rollers with a steel bushing insert.

This arm and wheel sets our ramps apart from the cheaper plastic hollow tube models commonly seen in this market.

Boat roller ramp
Wobble wheel closeup

Roller Ramp Models

Model Capacity Material Construction Rollers Winch
12A Up to 12' or 600 lbs Aluminum 12' frame and winch post 8 single rollers hand winch & strap
16A Up to 16' or 1,000 lbs Aluminum 16' frame and winch post 10 single rollers
2 double rollers
hand winch & strap
20A Up to 18' or 1,500 lbs Aluminum 20' frame and winch post 4 single rollers
12 double rollers
hand winch & cable

Mini Roller

• Lightweight
Structural aluminum frame for convenience, durability, and long lasting satisfaction.

• Keel Rollers
Heavy duty moulded black rubber 12" V-style keel rollers.

• Axle Shaft
5/8" diameter stainless steel axle.

• Capacity
Maximum capacity of 400lbs.
Available in 10', 6', 4', and 2' length.
Small boat ramp
Dry boat weights are often understated by manufacturers and do not include gas, gear, etc.
We recommend dry boat weight plus 20% for fully loaded weight.
Warranty is void if the lift capacity is exceeded.
Site inspections available, call for details.