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Ontario, Canada

The New Standard in Floating Docks

Naylor Floating Dock Just as the industry got comfortable, Naylor Systems has created a floating dock that is beyond comparison and beyond reach in quality.

With superior gauge aluminum alloys and Canadian Welding Bureau certified technicians, Naylor Systems has produced another first class product with:

• Heavy duty locally-made floats
• Standard Naylor Systems exclusive vinyl decking
• Locking anti-dip hinge system for level retention
• Quick lock/unlock bolt system for easy disassembly
• Bumper protection with double inset extrusions
• Self-levelling weight system to keep your dock straight and in position

All dock sides have an interlocking extrusion system for easy snap-together configurations for all designs and deck spaces. Available in white, tan and grey.
Naylor Floating Dock
Naylor Floating Dock
Floating Dock Installation 1
Floating Dock Installation 2
Floating Dock Installation 3

Floating Dock Components

Section 4' Wide 6' Wide
Dock x12', x16', x20' x12', x16', x20'
Ramp x12', x16', x20' x12', x16', x20'

Floating dock hinge Reinforcements:
Every floating dock corner is reinforced with 1" x 3" solid aluminum bar. This ensures that the chain tie down brackets are secure and the hinges are properly anchored in place for years of trouble-free cottage life.

The double stainless steel hinge pin assembly allows one pin to be removed, creating a ramp hinge. By locking the docks together with both pins, each dock becomes equally buoyant and less likely to dip at any corner.
Extrusion closeup Exclusive Extrusions:
The Naylor Systems extrusions are not only unique, but also exclusive to our company.

Although other dock suppliers will shop for the best deal in stamped plating, our company designs and engineers its own products. The floating dock extrusion is a Naylor Systems product, superior in all aspects and only available on our docks.
Strong steel clevis Steel Clevis:
Since it is deemed necessary to drill through a 1" thick bar of aluminum, it only stands to reason that your dock should be held down with a 5/8" steel clevis.

Wave after wave, day after day, this bracket will weather the test of time and protect your investment.
Canadian made floating dock Proudly 100% Canadian:
The floats are manufactured in Port Perry, Ontario and Naylor Systems takes pride in a partnership with Tech-Star plastics.

From the heaviest molded polymers in the marine industry, the floats are foam filled, sealed and secured to the best dock in the business. This did not happen by accident. A genuinely Canadian product, built by Canadians for Canadian conditions.
Dry boat weights are often understated by manufacturers and do not include gas, gear, etc.
We recommend dry boat weight plus 20% for fully loaded weight.
Warranty is void if the lift capacity is exceeded.
Site inspections available, call for details.