Naylor Systems
  •  Ontario, Canada
  •  Phone: (705) 359-1386
  •  Toll Free: 1-800-663-4281
Ontario, Canada

About Us

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"Naylor Systems is the producer of the broadest range of marine equipment to keep your boat safe and clean.

We manufacture the most advanced docks, marine railways, and boat lifts on the market today, and continue to set the standard for the industry. Our galvanized and aluminum products are a familiar sight on your lake.

We hope you will select a Naylor System for innovative design, uncompromising quality, and dedication to your satisfaction."

Wendell K. Naylor,
Director of Sales & Marketing

10 Reasons To Choose Naylor

 1) Canadian owned and operated
 2) Canadian manufacturing and assembly
 3) Loyal repeat customers since 1975
 4) Over 80 authorized dealers in Ontario
 5) Registered with Canadian Marine Manufacturing Association
 6) Certified by Canadian Welding Bureau
 7) High quality Canadian aluminum raw material
 8) Lifetime value for the dollar
 9) Large inventory for immediate customer service
 10) Commitment to innovation and market leadership
Dock with two boat lifts

Commercial Applications

Resorts, marinas, public access points, and other applications are equally suited to the proven quality of Naylor Systems.

You will find our docks and other products throughout Ontario being put to use in many environments where reliability, durability, and safety are important.

Call us anytime to discuss your project.
Commercial dock with several boats
Exclusive Raindrop Decking

  • A Naylor Systems exclusive vinyl decking option
  • Durable slip-resistant texture with subtle raindrop design for easy grip both wet and dry
  • Aerated core construction is cool to the touch in summer heat
  • Light weight for easy installation and removal
  • Available in white, tan, and grey
  • No maintenance
  • We own the extrusion die for this unique decking
Raindrop decking
Exclusive Delrin Pulleys

Every pulley is 100% manufactured in our facility. From the stamping press that forms the pulley halves to the steel or aluminum wheel that the cable runs on, our press and machine shop produce these parts to our precise specifications.

The Delrin bushing provides our pulleys with a lifetime of maintenance-free movement without the need for grease or other lubricants.
Delrin pulley
Dry boat weights are often understated by manufacturers and do not include gas, gear, etc.
We recommend dry boat weight plus 20% for fully loaded weight.
Warranty is void if the lift capacity is exceeded.
Site inspections available, call for details.